skeddle® makes your life easier

Service Clubs are coming together to serve their communities – but the weekly organization of the meet-ups along with pre-bookings of the menu are a challenge.

skeddle® offers a simple platform for everyone with or without the App installed to RSVP on an invitation and making their choices quickly without any registration or download.

Get back to focus on the important things and leave skeddle® doing the admin for you!

Explore the functions

PLanning sorted in seconds

With skeddle® business you can setup templates that help you to send invitations that recur within seconds. Just add a date and location and all the rest is in place already…

Within the Event card you can the latest status at a glance. Who’ll come, what date option may be leading for the group…it’s all there to save your time.

Make your choice upfront

Restaurants love your weekly visits but it’s tough for them to properly plan out the food choices.

With skeddle® business this is changing forever – by simply adding the menu of the day to the event everyone can pre-select the food and the restaurant can be informed upfront. Not only will they love it – the discussion about who ordered what is ending here as well 🙂

How to get there?

The great thing about the service club is the activities you plan with this group of friends and like-minded.

Not only service events but also other activities can now be planned with lightning speed and it’s much easier to find your way to the venue.

Share your event with love

Sharing your skeddle® is as easy as you’re used to share any other content.

But as this would just be boring skeddle® comes along with a beautiful preview of your event when sharing it on common messengers. People will be excited and feel welcome to join!


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