skeddle® makes your life easier

We all know it – planning a party, meet-up or scheduling just anything with a group in chat groups is a nightmare – especially for the one in charge.

At the heart of it all skeddle® was built to solve this problem and to provide a simple app that brings fun back to planning.

Your friends don’t even need the app – they can join without any registration or download – smart hu? 🙂

Explore the functions

Find a suitable date

Within skeddle® you get the full flexibility of setting fixed dates or finding the right one with others providing suggestions.

On the smart event deck you find the latest status in real-time without the need to scroll through the entire chat. Knowing who can make it when shortens the skeddle’ing enormously.

Get things done – Todo List

With a Todo List available for every event you can now rest assured things will get done.

Everyone simply ticks off what they’ll cover and can go back to check it out within a second – can’t be smarter!

How to get there?

Not only do you see the location of the event on the integrated map, you can click on it and navigate straight with your normal Google® Maps or native map.

Need a ride – use the car sharing function to organize your car pool with friends – nature will credit it! 🙂

Share your event with love

Sharing your skeddle® is as easy as you’re used to share any other content.

But as this would just be boring skeddle® comes along with a beautiful preview of your event when sharing it on common messengers. People will be excited and feel welcome to join!


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