skeddle® for Insurance businesses

Driven by the experience of our partners, we’ve built skeddle® as a software that ease the daily operations of planning while giving consultants a great platform for growing their relationships and sales.

With IDD becoming an european norm skeddle® set out to become the centric planning hub for seminars within the insurance sector, report the points earned and creating a consumer facing platform for more confidence and exposure of those who learn to earn.

Plan with lightning speed

Time is money – and it’s most valuable. With skeddle® you’re getting more done faster.

From the easiest planning tool to templates for repeating events up to reminders that keep you going – skeddle® covers you well.

Customer Relation Management

All your important customer data at a glance – automatically imported from your events or manually created.

Relationships are built on trust – capture your knowledge and let skeddle® remind you when it’s time to get in touch again.


Ever wonder what’s happening in the market or within your team – you’re just a click away.

Serving your with real-time market data and statistics skeddle® makes it just super simple to stay on top of things.


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