The right solution

Implement the IDD requirements simply and quickly with skeddle®:

Planning with lightning speed

Thanks to the efficient features, educational sessions as much as other company related appointments can be planned and managed with ease.

With build-in logics that are tailored to your needs and requirements, skeddle® ensures the right participants will be selected for the training.

Real-time data around the state of responses, participant lists for signature and many other useful features are automated to easy your life.

Informed Decisions

The dashboard delivers all key data around the state of the organizational educational hours and activities in real time

Filter help to drill down the amount of information and allow informed decisions and action plans

The data shown can be customized further to your individual needs which will be uncovered during the onboarding process.

Additional functionalities:

Start off now

skeddle® was build by users and with organisations in partnership – hence is ready to launch and integrated into your normal working processes.

The growing number of companies using skeddle for the IDD-Courses ensures a continouos extension of functionalities tailored to your industry needs.

At the same time we’re working closely with gonvernments to ensure all processes meet the official requirements.

It’s time to digitize your processes based on our highly scalable SaaS-Solution and let skeddle® do the hard work for you.

Contact us now to learn more about the solution and to plan a demo: