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Frequently Asked Questions

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What do I need Skeddle for?

skeddle helps you to organize your selling parties faster and to always have an overview about what is planned. Planning via chat is chaotic, so we want to provide you with a better tool to reach all your customers.

Events can be created in just a few steps and be shared with your customers. You can find a suitable date with the whole group, so every customer is part of the planning process and you’ll always have an overview about the people joining your party.

skeddle also helps you to keep in touch with your customers. For example the reminder function can be used to stay in contact.

planning – maintaining contact – boost sales: all that is possible with skeddle!

What accesses do I have to give Skeddle?

Your privacy is our main priority. Therefore skeddle does not need any access to your personal data. All functions are set in a way for i.e. sharing your Event via WhatsApp® in your existing groups without any issue of selecting people first from your phone contacts.

If you’d like to export your events or partys into your own calender on your phone, you have to grant skeddle this access.

Why does Skeddle ask for sending push messages?

We’re using push notifications to inform you about important changes in your event. We’ve reduced them to the minimum to not bother you any time.

If in any case you wish to switch them off for a big event, you can do that in the event settings at any time. And of course turn them on here again.

Of course your guests have the same opportunity, if they are using the skeddle app.

Why do I have to just provide my name and e-mail when creating my own event? What about the password?

All your friends and attendees have access to your event without registering. They only need to provide their name.

To create events with Skeddle you need to get registered. This actually allows you at the same time to use Skeddle on any device with the same account! You can authenticate yourself via Facebook, Twitter or Windows easily or just provide your full name (which becomes your user name) and your e-mail address.

We feel creating new passwords is often cumber-some. Therefore we’re logging you in on your device automatically and are sending you a preset password by mail which you can also change any time within the app menu.

Are my data save?

Your privacy is our main priority. We use a SSL-Encryption to encrypt your data and chats to protect them and to be unable to read them.

Your customers do not need to enter any data while using skeddle.

Why can I find a version in the app store that is different from the screenshots here?

skeddle is available in a free basic version and a business version. The basic version contains every important function for planning an event with a group, but does not include special business features. For example: It is not possible to create a profile or to upload event pictures in the free version.

Access to the business version can be received on our landing page.