Create a winning team

More sales and a strengthenedbrand awareness

Control the most important touch-points

Based on the insights and experience of the most successful consultants in your organization you can optimize the touch-points of the customer interaction before and after the party. This is then standardized globally at your fingertips.
Also the to-do’s and reminders are automatically added to everyone’s template and will correspond every time to the day of each individual event

Real-time insights

By utilizing skeddle® consitently throughout your organisatuon you’ll gain real-time insights into the number and locations of all events planned. Based on the permission settings you can see them globally, by team or by individual.
This enables your structure to identify early how active consultants are booked for the coming weeks and provides sufficient time for counter-measures as needed and appropriate.

Targeted training for your consultants

With support of the KPI’s identified on the Dshboard you’re gaining significantly important smart data like the average amount of guest invited and you’re able to compare this within your structure.
Utilizing these insights helps you to train your teams and individuals with a targeted, success-driven approach.
Your consultants are your capital – it’s worth investing.

First impression counts

As a corporate customer you’re owning the entire CI of events that are planned for your business. This includes the event image that is prominently placed on the most important views of your guest and will create an appetite for your product. Atb the same time you ease the life of your consultants a lot and create a standard brand impression.
Of course you own the event description as well which will be shown to all guest upon receiving the invitation.
Got a special offerin in mind? Simply add a new template and distribute it to all your consultants so they can use it instantly.

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