Coordinate your Partys – Easy

Find the best date within the groups, organize your sales parties and manage the communication before and after the event with your customers.

Simple – skeddle

skeddle® business Access

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comprehensive Calender-Management
Real ratings by your customers
Manage private To-Do's
Create predefined To-Do-Lists
customized event images - even when working for various companies
and so much more...
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skeddle® – your prefect tool

All at a glance

No more chaos: plan efficiently and save your time with the skeddle!

The entire process is not just faster and simpler but also more organized across mutliple events.

Explore planning 2.0: skeddle is available on all stores and free of boring ads. Try it out!

Done with just a few clicks

skeddle is the fastest and easiest App for planning events, meetings and gatherings with friends and customers. With a few steps only a new event is created and shared with everyone, no matter what messenger they use.

Intuitively to-do-lists and car-pools are evolving while keeping sight of things on the skeddle screen like never before.

Share your Skeddle event

Start your event

Two quick steps take you to the sharing screen – that’s all you need to start saving time and get back on top of your planning.
We understand that efficiency is key when planning multiple events a month and skeddle is built to ease all of that for you.


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