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To-do lists

To-do lists and task lists are also an important element of event planning. Also it might be important to coordinate these with the other attendees of your event, seminar or selling party so that in the end you’ll have everything that is needed and nothing doubles. There for you have to to-do lists in skeddle! […]

Setting up your profile

In the business version of skeddle you have the opportunity to set up your personal profile. This profile can be viewed by your guests or customers at any time, so it is important to fill it out! When planning a selling party it is often the case that you only have contact with the host […]

Open and confirmed events

When planning a seminar or a selling party the first thing you need to find with the group is a date and time that fits everybody’s plans. To find a date as fast as possible, you can put different dates to vote. Your guests can vote with just a simple click on the green (non-filled) […]

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This post is about one of the most helpful functions of skeddle, to increase your turnover and your success sustainable: Reminder.   After a successful selling party work has just begun. After every order is finished, you have to retain if your customers are satisfied with your products or if the order arrived in time […]