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skeddle® is the right partner for various demands:

Business Only FEATURES

skeddle® business comes along with features you’ll never want to miss again:

Plan with lightning speed

Time is money – and it’s most valuable. With skeddle® you’re getting more done faster.

From the easiest planning tool to templates for repeating events up to reminders that keep you going – skeddle® covers you well.

No chances missed anymore

With the smart reminders of skeddle, you can apply best practices to be reminded on the most important steps in your selling funnel.

Whether you’re making sure your guest gift is in your bag or to call participants at the right dates to make the sale or to build lasting, trusted relationships – skeddle® is as flexible as your needs are.

Customer Relation Management

All your important customer data at a glance – automatically imported from your events or manually created.

Relationships are built on trust – capture your knowledge and let skeddle® remind you when it’s time to get in touch again.


Ever wonder what’s happening in the market or within your team – you’re just a click away.

Serving your with real-time market data and statistics skeddle® makes it just super simple to stay on top of things.

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